At Lakeland House our Dining Service comes alive with variety of flavors and choices. Our Dining Service Manager and Cooks don’t only prepare 3 nutritious meals a day but they provide a dining experience with freedom of choice.

For Example
Breakfast is not just breakfast, it is:
Eggs cooked to your request, Pancakes, Bacon, Sausage, Biscuits and Gravy, Fresh Fruit, Hot and Cold Cereal. You tell us how you like it and we will gladly cook it your way. Even better Breakfast is available at every meal.

Lunch Full of Choices
Fresh Made Salads and Homemade Soups. Whenever possible we serve locally grown Fruits and Vegetables. Add Home Made Dinner Rolls to a Simmering Salisbury Steak or Italian Spaghetti and Meat Balls. Followed by an incredible piece of Honey Bun Cake.

Honey Bun Cake

1 box yellow cake mix
4 eggs
¾ C vegetable oil
1 C sour cream
1 C brown sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
1 C powdered sugar
1 tsp vanilla
2 tbsp. milk

Combine cake mix, eggs, oil and sour cream and mix well. Pour half of batter into a greased and floured 9×13 inch pan. Mix brown sugar and cinnamon. Sprinkle over cake batter. Top with remaining batter and swirl together. Bake at 350* for 40 minutes. Mix glaze ingredients together and pour over cake as soon as you take it from the oven.

Dinners to tease your taste buds.
Your choice of Salad, Soup or Cottage Cheeses with a sliced peach. On the lite side you can enjoy a sandwich of choice from the menu or a full meal of Southern Chicken mash potatoes and gravy and a side of cream corn.

Our Texas Style Meals look delicious with a home flavor that will stir anyone’s appetite. With the freedom of healthy choices at every meal Lakeland Dining Service has something for everyone.